Issue No. 1 The End of Times

Vol. 1 No. 1 (2020):  Issue No. 1 || Published: 2020-10-16


Bogna M. Konior, Jeremy R. Smith and Michael Saunders


Disabling Philosophy
Mark Pingree
La fin des temps philosophiques : comment changer la philosophie pour la mettre
en situation de contribuer aux problèmes du monde réel? Les philosophies et les problèmes du monde réel

Anne-Françoise Schmid
Pedagogy of the Negative: Pedagogical Heresy for 'The End Times'
Jessie L. Beier & Jason J. Wallin
Towards a Non-Baudrillard: Theoretical Violence and the Gift
Matthew J. King
Globalization and Global Thought: An Anthropological Extension of Non-Philosophy
Adam Louis-Klein
Le futur toujours avant dernier
Etienne Brouzes & Sylvain Létoffé
The Apocalyptic Tabula Rasa of Black Messianic Invention: Black Faith and Pure Means in Fanonism’s Insurrectionist Christo-Fiction
Andrew Santana Kaplan
Another Beginning of Philosophy is Possible: Towards a Democratic and Disruptive History of Systems of Thought
Sven Läwen
Expressivity: On Laruelle’s Oraxiomatic Method and Paul Celan’s Vision of Poetry
Timothy Lavenz


Non-Philosophy and Speculative Posthumanism: A Conversation with David Roden
Bogna Konior
Thinking alongside The Last Humanity
Laura Cull Ó Maoilearca in Conversation with Katerina Kolozova, Anthony Paul Smith and John Ó Maoilearca


Who Are Minorities, and How Are We To Think Them?
François Laruelle
Translated by Taylor Adkins